We are very excited to have Hoffman Design Group involved with the decoration of Lemon Hill Mansion this year. This project is personal for Bryan Hoffman, owner, as he was a caretaker of the mansion in the 1980s. Read more about his story and Hoffman Design Group below.

Bryan Hoffman planted the seed for Hoffman Design Group in 1991 with a vision: “Every person’s life should be inspired and delighted by nature within each space in which they live, work, and play.”

Now, Hoffman Design Group, Inc. is more than just a corporate landscaping company: We take great pride in our award-winning landscape designs and elegant, environmentally-friendly seasonal and holiday decorating, corporate interior plantscapes and urban exterior landscaping.

This year Hoffman Design Group has had the opportunity to decorate Lemon Hill Mansion for the holidays! Excitement swept across the HDG team as the news of decorating this Fairmount Park mansion became a reality! This possibility, being so personal for Bryan, was and is a fulfilling holiday surprise.

Bryan Hoffman moved to Philadelphia in 1986. A good friend from college invited Bryan to live with him and his brother at Lemon Hill. Bryan’s friend was the caretaker at the time. The three of them lived amongst history and stunning architecture in the caretaker’s apartment. When asked about his relationship to this Philly park and its’ historical spaces Bryan stated: “I loved the proportion of the first-floor oval room. I can vividly remember the French doors of the parlor opening up into a grand space. My friends threw my 25th birthday in the space– cupcakes and all! We moved the furniture around and the party extended into the vegetable garden. Lemon Hill Mansion is my favorite historic house, because, while it has been a huge part of America’s growth and story, it too, has been a fond part of my own story here in Philadelphia.”

Lemon Hill was a space that occupied Bryan’s early years in Philadelphia. Bryan now lives in Center City and talks about Philly’s parks as open places where he can spend time with his dog. “My dog particularly likes Washington Square.” Philadelphia’s parks and recreational areas have become an integral piece of Bryan’s life. His plant obsession consistently draws him into these spaces of growth. “I love the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier and the Moon Tree. A good friend of mine and I would walk by it often and every time he would say “ooh look at the MOOON TREE”. I was entranced by its presence and its meaning. It was planted from a seed that had traveled to the moon! I had watched it grow from a sapling.”

Bryan further discusses these types of big city outdoor spaces as “…the places where horticulture and the arts can meet up. They are designated areas where people can enjoy the outdoors and the arts all at once through organized events or daily strolls.”

Attendees of A Very Philly Christmas at Lemon Hill are in for a treat! “Please join us in a celebration of history accented by festive décor.” You’ll love the gorgeous traditional and modern décor that Hoffman Design Group has installed amongst the beautifully preserved architecture.