Season’s Greetings: Meet Jerry Francis from Woodford Mansion

by Ed Miller

President & CEO,


Nov, 23, 2016

1.What is your involvement with the historic houses in Fairmount Park?

My name is Jerry Francis and I have been a tour guide here at Woodford
Manson for more than 10 years. I offer house tours for visitors to this 1756 National Historic Landmark and House Museum.

2.What are your top 3 favorite things about the holidays at the historic houses?

Working as a team to create an enjoyable experience for our holiday guests. There are the garden clubs that decorate the house and the many volunteers who join in to make it a festive occasion. It is that time of year that we open our doors and share the holiday spirit.

3.What are you most looking forward to during “A Very Philly Christmas” at the historic houses this year?

Being with my co-workers and sharing the holiday spirit with our guests.

4.What was the best gift you ever received (or gave) during the holidays?

The gift of joy and sharing. The holidays are a time of giving thanks and helping the less fortunate.

5.What is the top reason for people to come out to the historic houses for the holidays this year?

In addition to the Yuletide house decorations, this year’s “A Very Philly Christmas” theme offers new experiences for the visitor – come and enjoy the good spirit of food, music, and neighbors.

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